ALLY RUDDY                                                 SCHUYLER HELFORD

#CYBRIETY is an original comedy series about two Millennials who decide to get rid of all their technology and lead Internet-free lives. Words that are now part of their everyday vocabulary: 'landline', 'phone book', 'stationery', 'compact discs', 'pocket map', 'fuck'. 

The series is hosted by the amazing digital company, and directed by the hilarious Blake Silver.

Schuyler and Ally met in a comedy class at Warner Loughlin Studios. They liked each other and Warner said they should create a web series together, so they did.

And now for a little Q and A:

What do you miss most about the Internet? 

A: Obviously Seamless/Grubhub/Postmates.

S: Wikipedia. Encyclopedias are really heavy to carry around everywhere.

What's your favorite non-tech activity? 

A: Meditating? JK reading magazines!

S: Making miniature dessert dishes out of Play Doh.

 Whose numbers do you know by heart?  

A: As it turns out, just my own.

S: 4-1-1 and 9-1-1.

 When is the last time you sent someone a letter?

A: Yesterday. It was to the Gas Company. They never respond ;(

S: I send letters all the time now! I've gotten really good at hand drawing emojis.

 What's been the most unexpected technology withdrawal symptom? 

A: Reverse Carpal Tunnel. It's hard to explain.

S: I'm now addicted to gum. At least three packs a day. Also, my hands are having an existential crisis. They feel like they have no purpose. 

What's been the biggest change in your life since you quit the internet?

A: There's SO. MUCH. FREE. TIME.

S: Finding out about current pop culture news when it's not so current anymore. 


ALEXANDRA RUDDY is a NYU Tisch-trained actress, writer and improviser. Acting credits include "Jersey Boys," “Hot in Cleveland,” and the indie “Go For Broke,” for which she won IFS's best supporting actress award. She was also cut out of "The Social Network" and worked on an NBC comedy pilot that no one will see. She has performed at UCB LA, io West, Second City, the Comedy Central stage and many others.

SCHUYLER HELFORD is a graduate of Bard College, where she studied Theatre and Mandarin Chinese. She also studied at the British American Drama Academy in London, Upright Citizen’s Brigade, and currently at Warner Loughlin Studios. Her television credits include recurring roles on Anger Management (FX) and The Middle (ABC).  She was recently assistant director to Michael Arden on the Deaf West production of “Spring Awakening”, now on Broadway. She also does a badass Mr. Bean impression.